Our employees are the heart of our business, and Ann Arbor Animal Hospital couldn’t care for your animals the way we do without them. We believe that it is very important to pay all of our employees a living wage—that is, an amount that is enough for them to meet their needs without additional outside assistance.

Fair compensation not only increases employee morale and job satisfaction, it reduces turnover so that we can operate more efficiently with experienced staff. This is especially important because there is a national shortage of veterinary technicians & assistants, so it is vital that we retain those we have.

In this time of historic inflation, prices are rapidly rising and so wages for our employees must go up as well to ensure that they are still earning a living wage. This increase in wages, coupled with a sharp rise in our own costs—supplies, food, medication, outside services—means we have made the difficult decision to raise our prices.

We appreciate your understanding, and are incredibly thankful for your support so that we can continue to provide the best possible environment & care for our employees and our patients.

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Ann Arbor Animal Hospital is a locally-owned animal hospital operating for over 90 years in Ann Arbor, MI.