Our valued clients have asked us if there was a way to provide our comprehensive, high quality veterinary care at a lower cost. In response, our doctors created annual PREVENTIVE HEALTH PLANS (PHPs) which bundle services we routinely provide for dogs and cats by life stage. Best of all, we’re offering discounts of 5% – 15% depending on which PHP and payment option you choose. Please stop in and ask which plan is best for your pet.

There are four major benefits of PHPs:

1. PHPs include annually recommended vaccines, parasite tests, diagnostic blood and urine tests and physical exams. Neuters and spays can be included in the puppy/kitten plans and dentistry services are options in the adult and senior plans. By bundling services, we’re able to provide all the preventive care your pet needs and you save money.

2. Unlimited Examinations – All PHPs include FREE EXAMINATIONS. The only exception is exam fees charged during after hours emergency visits. Bring in your covered pet whenever you have a health concern and charges will be for treatment or uncovered diagnostics only.

3. Payment Options – Amount saved will vary by plan and payment option:

a. Prepaid option: If fully paid at time of purchase you save 10% – 15% depending on the plan. Qualifying clients can pay for this using Citihealth Credit Card’s 6 months same as cash program, if desired.

b. Monthly Payments: Save 5%-10% and spread payments over 12 months. After a small down payment, the balance on the plan will be divided into 11 payments which will be automatically drafted from your checking or savings account or charged to your credit or debit card.

BONUS: If you purchase twelve months of parasite protection, i.e., Sentinel, Heartgard, Feline Revolution, Vectra or Frontline Plus, you can add this to your monthly payment.

SPECIAL NOTE: Based on a price comparison we completed March 1, 2014 our prices for these products are LOWER on a per dose basis than 1800PetMeds.com after you include free doses and/or rebates not available online.

4. Preferred Pet Discount – All Ann Arbor Animal Hospital PHPs also include a 5% discount on ALL services not already covered in your pet’s plan including parasite prevention products (Frontline, Revolution, Sentinel, Heartgard and Vectra), therapies, diagnostics, medications, pet foods and all Emergency Services at AAAH (including 5% off the ER exam fee).

To see more details on each of our plans please click here.

Please contact us at 734-662-4474 if you have any questions or want more information on our Preventive Health Plans.

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