Sunday September 13th is National Pet Memorial Day. We will feature two posts this week about coping with the grief of losing a pet and various ways to memorialize your cherished friend.

Grief is necessary and universal but our particular experiences of grieving are as varied and unique as each individual is from another. From all the articles I’ve read and sifted through in preparation for writing this post a few reoccurring points stand out:

  1. Grief is natural and important
  2. Everyone copes with the loss of a pet differently
  3. Support is important–share with trusted people how you feel
  4. Deal with your grief proactively

I’d like to focus on the last point on this list. Regardless of the reason for our grief, many people find the grieving process easier to bear and more fruitful through a proactive approach. Proactive grievers are people who, for example, have started writing and blogging about their loss, seeking out online support groups or starting their own.

They may also find creative ways to memorialize their pets. This can also be a great approach for helping children grieve. Below are a few suggestions that may assist you and your family in finding creative ways of rememberingpet jewelry1 your pet:




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