We strongly encourage puppy and kitten owners to visit the Ann Arbor Animal Hospital as soon as possible after they’ve brought their new family member home. This allows our veterinarians to assess your new puppy or kitten’s health and get them started on the services we deem critical for making sure they’re protected.

Through their mother’s milk, puppies and kittens get not only an ideal source of nutrients but also immunities to the illnesses to which their mother was immune. This milk protects them from illnesses from birth until approximately 6 weeks old. However, once they leave their litter, they need to rely on their new “moms and dads” to ensure they receive support until their own immune system fully develops, and a big part of this is proper nutrition.177717825(1)

We know a “one size fits all” approach to nutrition just won’t work; with puppies, for example, precise nutrition is critical due to the different breeds and sizes of those breeds. Just as with puppies, kittens have dietary needs that differ from adult or senior cats. The right nutrition helps your kitten or puppy grow up healthy and happy. During examinations, our veterinarians educate pet owners on nutritional needs to make sure their pet receives the essential nutrients needed.

With the above in mind, our veterinarian team developed Puppy and Kitten PHP’s, specially tailored for young animals, to provide the ongoing protection needed to assist your pet through their crucial first year of life. For the one year enrollment period, our Puppy and Kitten plans include all physical examinations, vaccines and preventive diagnostic tests needed during this life stage. Our Puppy and Kitten PHP’s also include having your pet neutered or spayed. For your convenience, these plans are linked below:

Puppy Plan

Kitten with Castration Plan

Kitten with Castration and Front Declaw Plan

Kitten with Spay Plan

Kitten with Spay and Front Declaw Plan

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