As the weather gets warmer, mice and rats start moving around and infesting our basements, attics, D-conand closets. A rodenticide is a bait block, pellet, or grain based product that’s used to kill rats and mice. To best treat a pet who has ingested a rodenticide it is important to know which product it was and what the main ingredient is. It’s a good idea to hang on to the packaging just in case. Rodenticide poisoning is more common in dogs than cats; it does seem that dogs will eat almost anything and cats are a bit more discerning.

An insecticide is a chemical that is used to kill bugs. We use insecticides a insecticideslot during the spring on our indoor and outdoor plants and gardens as well as on our lawns. It’s important when using these products to keep pets away from plants until the chemical is dry. Usually, insecticides cause only mild irritation but this depends on the amount ingested. As with any chemical, store it up a out of reach of curious and mischievous pets. After spraying or applying an insecticide give it time to dry before allowing your pet to play in the area.



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