Amanda Critchfield, DVM

Dr. Critchfield graduated with her DVM from MSU in 2003 and has been working here at Ann Arbor Animal Hospital since the fall of 2012. She practices general medicine and has developed a particular interest in geriatric medicine.

She has had a long-time interest in medicine and over time has developed an appreciation for how important animals are to us. She wanted a career that would further support the human-animal bond.

Dr. Critchfield lives in the Chelsea area with her husband and two sons. Their household is complete with their cat, George, and two dogs, Zeke and Bowie.

Dr. Critchfield appreciates the compassion the AAAH staff has for animals and their owners. The teamwork, respect, and support the staff have for one another make working at AAAH a great experience. She encourages pet owners to “remember that we are a team. We value your perspective and opinion about the health of your pet as we diagnose and develop our treatments.”