Janet Figarra, DVM

Dr. Figarra graduated from MSU with her DVM in 1988. She began working at Ann Arbor Animal Hospital in the kennels in 1980, later working in the lab, treatment, and reception areas. She started working as a clinician and surgeon upon graduation from vet school.

Dr. Figarra’s passion is soft tissue surgery. She states, “There is nothing more rewarding than removing toys, etc., etc. from a young dog’s small intestine.” She enjoys mentoring students in the Health Professions program through Ann Arbor Public Schools and teaching local 4-H groups about veterinary science.

Dr. Figarra appreciates the amount of experience the staff at AAAH has. “Our general medicine, critical care, and ER staff cooperate fully to communicate, research, and learn from one another.” She feels this cooperation allows the staff at AAAH to give clients valid options and patients the most appropriate care.

Dr. Figarra grew up on a small farm and spent most of her waking hours outside with “critters.” She had a fascination with watching the family sows farrow and the veterinarian palpate the cows. Her sister started vet school when she was in the first grade so she had no inhibitions about whether or not she felt she could succeed as a veterinarian. “I don’t actually remember a time when I decided to become a vet,” she recalls. “I just always knew it was what I wanted to do.”

She and her husband have three children and their household includes two dogs, Toby and Scarlett; two cats, Fester and Boris; two horses, Judy and Lulu; a herd of goats; a flock of chickens; a rabbitry of rabbits; and a cockatoo named Lola!