Ahh…is there anything better than meat off the grill? Good company, a stellar craft brew and BBQing is my favorite summer activity. Keep in mind if you’re a pet owner there are several things you need to consider when planning your summer barbecue.

the cleaning squad

The cleaning squad

  • Bones! Many of us will toss our pets a treat from the grill or allow them to eat table scraps once we’re finished. But remember those ribs and chicken legs can wreak havoc on your pets health. Bones can get stuck, are hard to digest and generally, should be avoided!
  • Obesity. Does your pet really need that hotdog? One beef hotdog can potentially be up to 13% of your 50lb pet’s daily caloric intake (according to Banfield.com)! GI problems and problems from undercooked meats can also lead to serious health problems for your pets.
  • Dangerous heat from the grill and other fires. This one is a no-brainer. If you’re going to let your pet run around while you’re using any sort of heat, take precautions to keep them away. Pets aren’t stupid and usually know to stay away from fires, but when excited, inhibitions drop and accidents happen. Use safety gates and yard ties to keep your pet in a safe space. Greasy meats and other food can drip onto coals or the ground and are irresistible to pets. This grease, when still hot, can burn and injure pets—sometimes severely; make sure to clean up and keep your pet away from grease.

With a few easy precautions your summer barbecues can be wonderful events with family, friends, and pets. We wish you a wonderful, healthy summer!

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