The Ann Arbor Animal Hospital is proud to announce that they will be co-sponsoring a charity event to support The National K-9 Working Dog, Inc., or NK-9, to help raise funds on a local level for retired Police K-9 Officers. The Ann Arbor Animal Hospital is also working with NK-9 to raise awareness and gain support at both the State and Federal levels to pass the “Police K-9 Bill of Rights.”

The National K-9 Working Dog announced the creation of the “Police K-9 Bill of Rights” to support our heroes after they have been retired due to injury or age in their final years.

Endorsed by Maryland Senator Richard Colburn and Delegates Adelaide C Eckardt and Jeannie Haddaway Riccio, they have forwarded the “Police K-9 Bill of Rights” to U.S. Senators Barbara Mikulski and Ben Cardin for pending action.

The “Police K-9 Bill of Rights” is an extension of the work of The National K-9 Working Dog, Inc. (NK9WD) on a larger scale. It provides for medical benefits, veterinary care, prescription and other needs to ensure the K-9s well-being in retirement, while removing this enormous burden off the shoulders of their handler.

While on active duty, a K-9 is considered an officer and attacking a Police K-9 results in the same punishment as attacking a human officer. However, when it comes time to retire the K-9 from the law enforcement force, whether it be for medical, age, injury or other reasons, that same K-9 is considered a piece of equipment and as such, has no rights to department funds for his upkeep.

If the current handler/partner is unable to adopt the dog and assume all of its medical expenses, that dog must be euthanized for liability reasons. A tactical dog cannot currently be adopted by a third party.

The NK9WD has been paying medical benefits on behalf of retired K-9s whose handlers have been struggling with the financial burden of these costs, just to prevent these heroes and faithful companions from being put to an untimely death.

This “Police K-9 Bill of Rights” will provide for ALL retired police K-9s through the results of their own work. By using a mere 2% of only the cash confiscated during police search and seizures, we can provide for EVERY retired police K-9 in America without taking away from any law enforcement budget or requiring any additional government funds.

It isn’t fair that the burden of care fall on the shoulders of one officer when his loyal companion has faithfully served it’s entire community. Every law enforcement officer we have spoken to is in favor of this “Police K-9 Bill of Rights.” Please help spread the word and get our elected officials to correct this oversight.

For more information or to download a copy of the proposed “Police K-9 Bill of Rights” to send to your local congressional representative, please visit the National K-9 Working Dog online at,, or contact NK-9’s president, Jay Meranchik, at 954-788-5333.

On a local level, the Ann Arbor Animal Hospital and Groom-n-Go are holding a charity event to raise proceeds for The National K-9 Working Dog, Inc. and the hospital’s Good Sam Fund. The annual CHARITY DOG WASH, GARAGE & BAKE SALE will be held at the hospital on Sunday, September 30th from noon until 4:00PM rain or shine. The hospital is located at 2150 W. Liberty (& Stadium Blvd) in Ann Arbor.

The recently retired Czar

In attendance will be a retired AAPD Police Dog “Czar” who distinguished himself while serving the AAPD by guarding President Obama, Vice President Biden, and the Dalai Lama during their visits to Ann Arbor. In addition, Czar is credited with approximately 20 “catches” over his career of individuals sought by his AAPD K-9 Handler. His retirement was covered in a story on

Czar will also be joined by some of his K-9 friends (woof woof). A 50/50 auction will be held and features a donated American Flag flown over the State Capital. The flag was generously donated by the Honorable Mike Rogers. Finally, the hospital is accepting online donations through PayPal along with gently used items for the garage sale effective immediately.

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