As part of Microchip month here at Ann Arbor Animal Hospital, we thought we would post some useful information regarding traveling with pets. We’ve heard some tragic stories of lost animals, but also many of pets and owners reunited because of microchipping.

Some other resources you may or may not be aware of include this great site Take Your Pet, which is loaded with useful information regarding traveling with animals.

Things to remember if you are traveling by plane:

Check with the airline about their policies regarding pets. A good rule of thumb is that if your pet weighs under 15 lbs. you can probably carry him/her onboard with you. Otherwise, your pet will have to ride in the luggage area of the plane. If you are concerned about your pet’s anxiety level, speak with your vet. We can provide some anxiety medication that may help.

If you have any questions or concerns about exporting animals to another country, you should contact the Veterinary Services Area Office in the State from which your pet will be transported.

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