It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is next week! We would like to take this opportunity to remind our clients of a few pet safety tips:

Keep the food on the table! Does your pooch really need the left-over turkey and mound of mashed potatoes you couldn’t quite finish? You may think your pet should be included in the festivities, but may pay for that choice later with a pet with diarrhea, upset stomach and gas.

Some foods are dangerous and even toxic for your pets. Chocolate is a major no-no for pets, especially dogs. We receive calls every year from owners whose dogs get into the stash of holiday candy and gorge themselves on it. Poison Control is a handy number to have on your fridge (888) 426-4435. Poison control will want to know how much your pet has ingested and their weight. Artificial sweeteners, in particular Xylitol, can be potentially fatal for your pets if ingested.

Poultry bones pose a risk for your pets. These bones can become lodged in their throats and will require immediate medical attention to remove. There are also many types of house plants that can be harmful to your pets. These include some types of ferns, hydrangeas and amaryllis, among others.

Hosting a big family gathering? Consider the impact guests will have on your pet. If your dog or cat gets stressed around visitors, consider keeping them safe and secure in another room. There will be a lot of activity with people coming and going and it’s easy for a pent up pooch to make a break for the door and escape. Is your pet microchipped in the event he escapes?

Lastly, Canine flu is present in our area. Whether you are traveling with your pet or boarding, they may be exposed to this fast-moving, very contagious illness, so make sure your dog is vaccinated!

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