doggles on pugWe’ve all experienced it:  It’s a beautiful summer day and you’re driving along when you pass a car and notice a little (or big) hairy head, tongue lolling, sticking out from the back window of a car. We smile because the animal looks so carefree in the wind– pure joy.

The next time you take your dog for a ride in the car consider what the wind may be doing to his eyes. The constant wind can cause a dog’s eyes to dry out, making them irritated, and this can lead to infection. It’s also possible that an insect or debris may get caught in your dog’s eyes while they have their head out the window. Consider opening the window just enough to let the breeze in but not enough to allow your dog to stick his head out.

Don’t want to take away this simple pleasure from your pet? Consider looking into purchasing him a pair of Doggles! These goggles for dogs can also help  your pet cope with other eye conditions. Neva and Gem, a client and patient of A2AH, respectively, use Doggles to help Gem avoid injuring her eyes after cataract removal surgery:

She (Gem) had cataract removal surgery on one eye, and with the loss of depth perception, tended to run into sticks and brush (she’s a corgi). I got the doggles to save her vision, and they did the job. I had to add some shoestring to their harness to keep them where they needed to be, and she was very tolerant of the whole thing.

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