According to the 2009-2010 National Pet Owners Survey, only about 19% of owned dogs are adoptees from rescue shelters, despite there being hundreds of thousands of orphaned dogs in need of loving homes. Dogs that are eager to just be given a second chance.

Prince was one such dog. He was taken to the Humane Society of Huron Valley when he was only a puppy. Yet fortune smiled upon Prince and, like thousands of other lucky dogs each year, he was adopted.

He went to live with a woman named Diane, but unfortunately, his troubles were not over yet.

While still a puppy, Prince was afflicted with Puppy Strangles (also known as juvenile cellulitis) – a painful skin disorder that typically appears between 3 weeks and 4 months of age. His face was swollen, he had blisters on his nose and stomach, and he was very weak and tired. Fortunately with the help of local veterinarians, and with care and persistence, Prince pulled through.

Prince with a pal at the Rutka 5k Fun Run

Prince has perhaps been the most involved with the Ronald McDonald House charity. When Diane was growing up, her best friend’s father, Edward McClarty, was a magician who also performed for years as Ronald McDonald. Ed and his wife, Barbara, opened one of the first Ronald McDonald Houses, and this is the connection between Diane and her desire to support the Ronald McDonald House charity today. The parallel between Prince’s illness as a puppy and the goal of the RMH to help sick children made Prince a natural representative for Diane.

In 2010, Diane and Prince pledged to raise $25,000 for the Ronald McDonald House in the new C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, and with this pledge came the naming rights for one of the family suites. Diane chose to dedicate it to the memory of Edward McClarty.

Most recently, Prince came by your very own Ann Arbor Animal Hospital, where approximately $1800 was raised for the Ronald McDonald House at a very successful garage sale, bake sale, dog wash combo charity event this past May.

Prince was given a second chance, and see where he is now! There are many dogs like him who need a chance, too. Shelter dogs who have so much love to give, and only need someone to give it to.

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