Ann Arbor Animal Hospital is a locally owned, full service veterinary clinic in Ann Arbor, Michigan, serving Washtenaw County and the surrounding areas. We are AAHA-accredited and provide routine primary veterinary care by walk-in or appointment from Monday through Saturday, and Emergency and Critical Care 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. See our About Us page to learn more.

We are located just east of the intersection of Stadium and West Liberty in Ann Arbor.


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Dog Days of Summer

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The summer months usually see the most outdoor activity of the year for both ourselves and our dogs. The reason to have a dog is to have a companion. Your dog will look out for you, but you need to look out for it as well.

It burns burns burns…

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We're expecting incredibly hot conditions in Michigan within the next few days. And just like the Johnny Cash song, meteorologist call this weather phenomenon a "Ring of Fire". What does this mean for your pets? How to keep them safe and prevent heat stroke is the topic of this post.

How to prepare your pet for a new family member

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Is your family expecting a new baby? There's all sorts of considerations that need to be thought through to provide the smoothest transition possible for you and your pet.

Julia Levitt Dog Training Classes for August

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Julia Levitt of Julia Levitt Dog Training (formerly In Harmony Dog Training) is offering classes on Saturdays in August.