Ann Arbor Animal Hospital is a locally owned, full service veterinary clinic in Ann Arbor, Michigan, serving Washtenaw County and the surrounding areas. We are AAHA-accredited and provide routine primary veterinary care by walk-in or appointment from Monday through Saturday, and Emergency and Critical Care 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. See our About Us page to learn more.

We are located just east of the intersection of Stadium and West Liberty in Ann Arbor.


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“Take your pet to work week 2016”


"Take your pet to work week" is approaching (starting June 20th) and culminating in "Take your pet to work day" on June 24th. Studies show that it's beneficial for both employees and clients to see and interact with pets in the work place. Lower stress levels and higher retention are two of the many cited benefits.

Camping With Your Dog

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If you are an avid camper, it is natural that you would want to take your dog with you, though extra planning and precautions are needed.

Pet Obesity findings 2015


Pet obesity is a huge problem! Going into the summer festivities and celebrations keep in mind that every extra table scrap or treat you feed your pet can impact their quality of life. This post includes information on how to determine if your pet is overweight.

Summer BBQ safety and your pets

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Planning to Barbecue this summer? Many of us don't realize that grilling can pose health risks to our pets. The good news is that with a little foresight, these potential problems are easily averted. Read on for tips!