icu construction nearly finished
by Matt Dyer, Hospital Manager

We made it!… Kinda. Construction of our new intensive care unit (ICU) finished on Friday, May 31st, right on schedule. (Barely!)

Unfortunately, we still have to have city inspections before we can move in and put our new space to work. That’s likely to take another week or so, which means that our actual opening date will be around June 7-10.

A lot has happened since our last update: we’ve completed hooking up the workstations, installed exam lights and exam tables, finished countertops & sinks, installed a dishwasher, walled in the new consultation room, installed the glass panes in the glass observation wall, installed the large hospitalization suites, finished electrical & plumbing work, installed the ceiling tiles, set up and tested the new Snyder Intensive Care unit and cleaned up all of the leftover mess from construction. Phew!


Workers install the glass panes in the observation wall.

Plus, as part of the renovation, we completed our newest exam room which will allow us to help more patients.

Once we’ve moved into the new ICU space, we will convert the old ICU area into a special procedures room. There, we’ll be able to perform diagnostics such as ultrasounds and blood draws, and minor procedures such as laceration repair or growth removal. And finally, we will also be reopening our second surgical suite.

We’d hoped this update would be announcing the grand opening, but instead we’ll just say that we’re nearing the end. Our team is ready—we can’t wait to have this space to treat patients. And with ICU construction finally finished, being able to take down the signs that have been up since September will be a nice bonus.

The work-in-progress consultation & visiting room.

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