Hospital manager Matt Dyer (L) pretends to have important business on his phone while hospital owner Dr. Linda Griebe (R) inspects some of the samples for the new countertops and cabinets.

by Matt Dyer, Hospital Manager

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Our new ICU continues to move closer to completion! We recently completed the new oxygen delivery system, the electricians have finished installing the new lighting, and the plumbers finished running all of the needed plumbing into the new treatment area. We’ve primed the area for painting in preparation to putting in the all-new flooring, which is scheduled to be installed the week of May 5th and will take about a week to finish.

Once we install the flooring and paint the area, we’ll start installing our new treatment tables, hospitalization suites, and cabinetry and get our final approval from the city. The project is still on target to finish in late May.

Upon completion our ICU will be one of the largest in southeast Michigan. We’ll have the ability to manage a wide variety of cases from general hospitalization and monitoring to the most critical needs of our patients 24/7. Our state of the art in-house laboratory, digital radiography and ultrasound allows for immediate results to best guide our doctors in the treatment of our patients.

Our staff is excited that we are nearing completion and will be moving into this new space. This will allow them better utilization of their skills and the ability to treat and care for more patients.

The new space will also allow us to serve more medical boarders. Our medical boarding allows clients who have pets with special medical needs to stay with us to receive medications and be monitored 24/7. This may be a pet that is diabetic and needs its insulin at a specific time or pet who has other specific medical or medication needs that could require 24-hour care and observation.

We’ll post more updates as we progress!

Matt and Dr. Griebe discuss the new flooring. Once started, it should take about a week to finish.

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