Family bowling night 2019

People within the veterinary field work very hard. They LOVE their clients’ pets, and experience fast-paced days filled with excitement and with stress: the highest of highs (kittens and puppies), and the lowest of lows (euthanasia, terminal health conditions, etc.). We have the utmost appreciation for the fine job these people do for both our clients and their pets.

To express the sincerest thanks of the Ann Arbor Animal Hospital and Ann Arbor Animal Hospital Emergency Services, we organize off-site recognition events. These events are an opportunity for us to see each other outside of work and, for some events, meet the families who support our employees.

Family bowling night 2019

Arcade games were popular with the kiddos.

Family Bowling Night

One of our esteemed partners, IDEXX, sponsored our Family Bowling Night* at Revel & Roll in Ann Arbor. They provided plenty of food and drink as employees and their families enjoyed testing their hand/eye coordination in the expansive arcade and, of course, as much bowling as anyone cared to roll.

We are thankful for the effort our employees put forth each and every shift. They do everything possible to provide the highest quality pet care they can provide, living by our slogan “Always Here, Always Ready, Always Caring.”

*Not pictured in this blog: any actual bowling! Everyone was so busy having fun that they forgot to take pictures. We’ll try to do better next time.

Family bowling night 2019 playing pool

Pool tables provide a nice alternative to bowling or electronic entertainment.

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