Many people have come together over the last few days to help Patrick and his siblings! Patrick was doing so well post-op that he was returned to the Jackson County Animal Shelter and was taken home by a foster-owner to continue his healing. His siblings remain at the shelter. All puppies are available for adoption. I will continue to post updates as they come in- thanks to all who have generously donated funds, expertise and time to save this precious puppy.

Patrick-re-sizedIt may seem strange to be photographing a puppies first poop, but when that puppy has had surgery for a bowel obstruction, a first poop is celebration worthy!

The below photo is of Patrick in a sweater that once belonged to a dog owned by A2AH’s Jenn Corney-Brown! Her Pitbull, Tonka, wore it when he was a pup and now 70+ lbs later he has passed it along to Patrick.


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