Similar to the first two life stages, as your cat’s or dog’s body ages, their medical needs change. As humans reach their “golden years” we can feel the effects of aging over the course of aThinkstockPhotos-469873341 few years or sometimes only one. Our pets however, age roughly 7 years for each one of ours! A number of factors including lifestyle, breed and overall veterinary health care management influence how our pets experience the effects of aging.

Our goal in managing your pet’s health during the Senior Life-stage is to enhance both the quality of life and longevity through comprehensive preventive health care. Therefore, Senior Life-stage plans include an extensive array of services designed to monitor your dog or cat’s health. For the 12-month enrollment period, our senior plans include unlimited physical examinations, vaccines, and diagnostic tests that allow our veterinarians to screen for parasites, help detect metabolic diseases, assess organ function and identify if an infection is present. They also include blood pressure monitoring, digital x-rays and a quick scan ultrasound—all designed to detect the presence of a potential health problem early on.

Additionally with free, unlimited physical exams comes the opportunity for our veterinarians to screen for the effects of aging in areas such as sensory changes, physical impairments, vision and hearing, nutritional changes and physical ability. Finally, our Senior Life-stage PHP’s also come with options for dentistry services. Our hope is to reduce the chances of chances of your pet developing a periodontal disease or incurring a more costly procedure because of an oral health issue.

Below are links to our PHP’s for senior dogs and cats:

Senior Dog Plan

Senior Dog with Dental Level 2 Plan

Senior Cat Plan

Senior Cat with Dental Level 2 Plan

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