One of our Veterinary Technicians recently talked to me about a number of pet owners calling A2AH about what to do in the event of an encounter between your pet and a skunk.

She explains,

“Many people don’t seem to realize that this (skunk spray) isn’t necessarily a condition that warrants veterinary attention—usually a bath and an eye rinse is enough, and there’s no need for a pet owner to come rushing in to the vet for that.”


Here’s a few points to keep in mind:

  1. A skunk spray is not fatal and usually not an emergency for your pet.
  2. Proper home treatment is important—the sooner the better. If your dog is sprayed in the face be sure to rinse their eyes out with water.

There are a variety of remedies and washes for getting skunk odor out of skin or fur. This is the one we use:

1 tsp Dawn Dish Detergentskunk recipe

2 Fresh pints of Hydrogen Peroxide (hydrogen peroxide becomes less concentrated over time)

1 cup Baking Soda



As always, use common sense. If you fear your dog may be having a reaction and are unsure of how to proceed feel free to call us at any time. Always Here, Always Ready, Always Caring!


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