The Resources page and menu listings provide our clients with a variety of  conveniences (such as access to online medical records for travel, online prescription refills and nutrition products for pick-up at our drive-thru or delivered to your home) as well as client education, information about pet insurance, how-to videos, and other informative links. If you don’t see what you’re looking for linked directly on this page, check the drop-down menu under the Resources tab.

Medications, Food and Prescription Refills

If you need to order medications, pet food, or have a prescription refilled, we have two options available:

Our online store for delivery directly to your home

Our Online Refill form for pickup from our drive-through

Medical Record Access with the Pet Portal

Access your pet’s medical records from anywhere with the Pet Portal! This private website gives you secure online access to your pet’s health information. We provide Pet Portals free of charge to all clients who have active email addresses.

Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance Review has a lot of information about purchasing health insurance for your pet, as well as comparisons.

Medication Take Back Program Facilities

Rivers, waterways and groundwater are being polluted by discarded (note: flushed) medications that wastewater treatment facilities are unable to “filter out”. Visit the Water Resources of Washtenaw County site to learn more, including what you can do to help prevent the poisoning of our environment!

For the proper disposal of controlled substances (e.g. strong painkillers or synthetic opioids), keep an eye out for the DEA’s Prescription Drug Take Back Day, held twice a year in April and October.