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Caring For Your Pet’s Teeth at Home

We often underestimate how quickly dental disease can take hold because most of us are in the habit of taking care of our teeth every day. Our cats and dogs are not much different in their oral health needs: daily brushing is key to avoiding severe periodontal disease which leads to loss of teeth and very bad breath.

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Halloween Brings Host of Horrors For Pets

Each year, veterinarians across the country see scores of pet injuries during this time of the year that could easily have been avoided. Pet owners should keep in mind that pets are creatures of habit and don't appreciate the exciting things that Halloween brings.

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Fear Free at Ann Arbor Animal Hospital

Fear Free is a program for veterinary professionals, the pet professional community, and pet owners that is focused on alleviating fear, anxiety, and stress before and during visits to the veterinary hospital.

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“What Breed Is He, Doc?”

Veterinarians get that question a lot, and we can usually offer an educated guess about the parentage of an adult dog. But for a more definitive look into your dog's ancestry, science can provide the solution.

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Care of Newborn Puppies

Your dog's labor and delivery was a success and you now have a litter of squirming little puppies. Make sure mama's needs are met (food, water, elimination) and she'll usually know how to care for her pups, but there are some things to watch out for to make sure both mom and puppers stay healthy.

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